Index and Transcription of the December 1788 Census 
for the Jurisdiction of Parral, Province of Nueva Vizcaya

It is with great pleasure that we can announce Frank Dominguez’s twelfth publication of the transcription and indexing of a Nueva Vizcaya municipality.  We now have available the invaluable research aid, “Index and Transcription of the December 1788 Census for the Jurisdiction of Parral, Province of Nueva Vizcaya.”

This will be another useful research tool for those whose roots extend to Chihuahua.  For a century from its founding Hidalgo del Parra was the unofficial capital of Nueva Vizcaya.

We are indebted to Frank Dominguez for his labors and efforts to bring another index and transcription of a census of Nueva Vizcaya and in this case the donation of his work to the Hispanic Heritage Project for publication. His donation will assist us in our efforts to image and publish online free to the public the archives of New Spain.  

This 1788 census of Parral of 176 pages, spiral coil bound edition is now available through the Hispanic Heritage Project website “”  We thank Frank Dominguez for this outstanding scholarly work and his generous donation to the mammoth task of the publication of the documents of New Spain.  

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