Catálogo del fondo colonial Archivo Histórico Municipal del Parral 1632-1821.  This is the latest catalog of the Parral Archive completed by its staff.  In this catalog, you will find in column "G" (Referencias guía McCaa) the document number identifying their location in the McCaa guide that is the guide to the microfilm collection of the Parral Archive found in several American universities.

Fondo Colonial (digital images) This posting is a work in progress of the images that have been taken recently. It will be updated on a weekly basis.  If you get the message, "folder is empty" this means that for various reasons, the image was not taken.  It will be done at a later date.  Please be patient.  We are posting these images on our website until we decide whether or not we will continue with a commercial company.  After visiting several colonial archives in Mexico, we do not know if partnering is the best avenue for us to pursue. We are currently beta testing this posting and should you find any items that need to be corrected please notify us at

Introducción de la guía de los Archivos Históricos de Hidalgo del Parral. This is an introduction and description of the features of what is commonly referred to as the McCaa Guide. The work of Robert McCaa, Carolyn Roy, and Rosa Maria Arroyo Duarte is a guide to the different microfilmings of the Parral Archive in particular, the Chambers Microfilm collection that was done by the Arerind Foundation and is found in many American universities. Here you will also find a guide to the microfilming done by the Centro de Información del Estado de Chihuahua. Currently only the University of Minnesota, the University of Texas at El Paso, and the Parral Archive have copies of this microfilming. 

Guía de los Archivos Históricos de Hidalgo del Parral. This work by Robert McCaa, Carolyn Roy, and Rosa Maria Duarte is an updated version of the guide to the Dr. Charles Di Peso Microfilm Guide of the Chamber's microfilm collection of the Hidalgo del Parral Archive which is now known as the Fondo Colonial. This microfilm collection is housed in the University of Minnesota, the University of Texas at El Paso, the University of California at Riverside, Arizona State University, the University of Utah, the University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas A&M University, Fort Lewis College, the University of Virginia and the Parral Archive.

Tiempo de revoluciones catálogo de protocolos 1766-1821.  In the previous guides to the Parral Archive catalogs, there are sections that refer to protocolos but do not identify the individual documents.  Local historian, Roberto Baca, has undertaken and completed the project of identifying each individual document in those sections from the years 1766-1821