At the end of last October 2008 we received a request from the Parral Municipal archive (the largest colonial archive in Northern Mexico) to preserve their collection in a digital format.  Then three local parishes, San Bartolome, Villa Coronado and Santa Barbara also requested assistance in digitizing their ecclesiastical archives. The San Bartolome parish has a document written in 1575. Later we became aware of the need to assist three small municipal archives in the state of Guanajuato. Previously the Documentary Relations of the Southwest (DRSW) of the Arizona State Museum at the University of Arizona had requested our assistance in obtaining permission to digitize a portion of the Sonora State Archive in Hermosillo, Mexico. We accepted the call to help. Our next move was to approach the Mexican foundation, Apoyo al desarrollo de archivos y bibliotecas de Mexico, A.C. (ADABI) to join us in the project. They agreed and will assume the responsibility of organizing the materials prior to us digitizing the records. This archive has extensive important information relating to the native American history of the Southwestern United States. Up to the present time, it has been difficult for university student researchers to gain access to this archive. Our efforts in this new partnership should open the doors to those students for all future researching activities. Once digitized, the records of these projects will be made available through the internet at no cost to all who desire knowledge of this early Spanish Colonial American history.